Tommy T.

just do it… sign up for the 12 month plan for extremely reasonable cost to restore and maintain your health… I’ve been to several chiropractors over the last 20 years, and he is knowledgeable, professional, yet still as personable as they come. I’ve nothing to gain from this review…you do. Don’t pass this up if you are searching for a great chiropractor!!

Jazmine W.

Dr. Dody and Mary have both been so wonderful in helping my healing process. The unique technique Dr. Dody uses is the only method I’ve received that I can actually feel work. The results last and have a noticeable effect, unlike “cracking” which I found was only a temporary fix. Them both being so helpful and excited to help makes it a pleasant experience as well. I highly recommend Dody Chiropractic Center For Wellness to any with currant problems or for those looking to stay healthy. I look forward to continuing my healing process with them.

Megan F.

I reluctantly sought Chiro care during my third pregnancy after my lower back pain and hip pain become unbearable. Doctor Dody was comprehensive in his explanation of why I was experiencing the pain, and he supported me in my pregnancy pain management up until delivery. Since then I see Doctor Dody weekly as I feel so much better after an adjustment.

Mark L.

Dr. Dody has been a life saver for me! I came to office initially to help my aching back. Dr Dody started adjustments on me and soon my pain subsided. But then I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and my brother passed-away from heart failure (at 47 years old!). Dr. Dody had extensive blood testing done and put me on a regimen of healthy supplements and exercise. Not only does my back feel great, but my blood work is almost all “in the green” healthy levels. For example, my A1C (the glucose measure for diabetes) went from 8.8 (way

Lauren L.

Initially, when I saw Dr. Dody I was in a great deal of pain from an old car accident. My neck was in very bad shape, and all I could think of was my neighbor who had had two failed neck operations and is now addicted to pain killers. I wanted to see if there was something else available to me other than going to a doctor to see about surgery. Thank goodness I went to see Dr. Dody, because he has successfully fixed my neck and has been keeping my husband and I healthy and pain-free for a

William N.

I started with Dr Dody six months ago and feel better than I have in years. I have Crohn’s Disease and have been on several medications for over 20 years I have benn able to reduce those to minimum amounts and have more energy. Thanks Doc

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