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Subluxations Affect Nerves and Organs

Years ago, members of the osteopathic profession performed an experiment with laboratory animals. The experiment involved the production of an upper neck subluxation in laboratory animals to try and show a progression of nerve damage.

Nerve damage progressed from reversible to permanent damage and atrophy of the nerve itself after just 6 months. This is important to us because it so strongly underscores the need for people to have regular spinal and nerve system examinations. It also points to the absolute need for children to be examined… before they reach the age of 6 months. Who would risk the possibility of permanent nerve damage in their child just because they didn’t know the child should be examined?

In another osteopathic experiment, the researchers produced a mid-back (T-6) subluxation in laboratory animals to see if the subluxation alone was enough to cause observable damage to the organ associated with it. The liver showed a condition known as “cloudy swelling” which is the destruction of a functional component of the liver. All the animals in the study had the same environmental conditions, food, stress, etc. except one group had the T-6 subluxation and one did not. All other factors were the same. So, the researchers concluded that when you interfere with the nerve supply to an organ, the organ malfunctions and fails to repair and replace itself with healthy tissue.

So, we know that subluxations damage the bones themselves and they damage the nerves and the organs served by those nerves. We also know that symptoms often appear very late in the disease process. This means we can either continue to play roulette with our health and the health of our loved ones or we can take the bull by the horns and work to make sure our health improves year after year.

Which approach makes the most sense to you? Does an ounce of prevention equal a pound of cure? What does an ounce of wellness equal?

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