CoreScore™ is a window into the functional nervous system. By using three distinct sensors, an understanding of the efficiency of the nervous system can be measured.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) allows a top-down view of the “reserve and resiliency” a patient has while the Rolling Thermal scan identifies regions of emerging and damaging tension. Finally, sEMG shows energy expenditure in the total spinal core system while revealing the loading patterns.

The final COREscore™, calculated using all three values, gives the clinician a point of reference to develop care plans and track progress. The easily understood “one-numbered” scoring simplifies reporting and engages the patient in their care.


  • Simple reporting for both the doctor and patient.
  • Colorful graphs make understanding the importance of care very clear.
  • Objective findings to show progress.
  • Your COREscore findings can be emailed to you if you request.

And remember this is all Certified Space technology!! Get your COREscore™ today!!!