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Side Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Everyone understands that drugs have side effects. What many people do not realize is these side effects are often undesirable and sometimes lethal. Drugs all have effects, some predictable and some not…some wanted and some not.

What are the side effects of chiropractic? What we hear from many patients is that there are unexpected benefits of chiropractic, so we will call them side benefits instead of side effects. During the course of a person’s initial care in our office many, if not all, receive relief from the concern or condition that caused them to seek our help in the first place. Once the initial healing phase of care is complete, almost all patients make the decision to take a few additional steps to strengthen and stabilize their system so that the health concern they originally consulted us for is far less likely to repeat.

During this phase of stabilization is when we most often hear of the side benefits of chiropractic care. Here is a partial list:
1. Sleep better
2. More energy
3. Relief from other aches and pains
4. Improved digestion and elimination
5. Greater clarity of thought
6. Improved outlook and attitude
7. Fewer colds and improved immune function
8. Greater stamina
9. Decreased need for some medications
10. Better overall health

If, during the course of your care here, you experienced some or all of these side benefits, wouldn’t you want to maintain this higher level of overall health and well being? Most answer, “of course.” Health maintenance is available for all of our patients.

Please let others know some of the side benefits you have received by telling your story here – https://www.dodychiro.com/how-did-we-do/

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