Hello again. I’m Dr. Michael Dody, owner and founder of Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness. It was great to have you in our clinic today and I trust that you had a fantastic experience. We have a wonderful team. Now I know you learned a lot today during your visit. You learned a lot about your health and you learned a lot about chiropractic and how they relate. If you’re like most people you were excited and intrigued to learn so much but you might even be a little overwhelmed. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already forgotten 90% of what you’ve learned today. So this video serves as a bit of a recap to help you review all the new information that you got in the office today. And I also want to sort of set the table for your next meeting in the office, which is your report of findings with the doctor.

Your visit today began with simply a discussion about your current state of health. Any health concerns you may have, any challenges or symptoms that you’re struggling with right now. During your consultation today, you have probably for the first time, gained an appreciation for the significance of the nervous system – the master system of your body. And, how the nervous system actually controls all functions of your body. It regulates all systems of your body, it helps keep you healthy and most importantly, the nervous system is what heals your body.

You’ve probably also learned for the first time the role of the spine and the spinal column and that it is the suit of armor that protects that nervous system, that master system. You’ve probably also come to the conclusion that if you want to be healthy you have to have a healthy, normal nervous system. And in order to have a healthy nervous system, you have to have a healthy, normal spine.

During your examination today, the doctor started by simply checking your spine for any indications of nerve irritation. Because it’s this nerve irritation that’s typically at the root cause of many of the symptoms and conditions that people are struggling with every day. If the doctor found indications of nerve irritation in your case, they go deeper; they’ve checked your spine through a series of very specific exams to find out exactly what’s at the root cause of your problem. We were looking for a problem called subluxation, and that’s probably a new term for most of you.

Subluxation occurs when a spinal joint gets jarred out of a healthy position, either through traumas, or through bad habits, or both. This tweaking and twisting of tissues create damage to the soft tissue, which creates inflammation and causes nerve irritation. Now, as we said, your nervous system is the master of your body, there’s a constant flow of information that runs between your body and your brain, and your brain and your body, and that information is what keeps you healthy, and it’s what heals your body. Any subluxation in your spine creates interference or irritation to the nerves and interference in the flow of that information, and your body simply moves away from health.

If this problem goes long enough and it goes undetected or uncorrected and it gets bad enough, eventually you may become symptomatic. So symptoms have a tendency to end up at the end of the problem or show up at the end of the problem, not at the beginning of the problem. Now at this point, the doctor’s job is to play detective. We take all of the information that we’ve gotten from your paperwork, from your consultation and from your examination and x-rays, we put all this information together and we’ll prepare a report of findings for you.

During the report of findings, we will explain to you exactly what we found and how we can help you. If we have confirmed subluxation in your case that means that we can help you and we’d be happy to accept you as a patient. If that is the situation, then we will give you our best recommendations for care at that point.

If there is anybody that’s involved in your healthcare decisions you should bring that person with you so that they have the best opportunity to fully understand what it is we found in your case and how we can help you. Now, we really look forward to seeing you at your next visit and we look forward to helping you start this journey back towards health. I’m Dr. Michael Dody, thank you for the honor of taking care of you.