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Path to Health

There are three progressive levels of care in our chiropractic office. It is important that you understand what is available to you so you can choose the level of care appropriate for your health objectives.

Simply stated, the three levels of care are:

Initial Intensive Care
Corrective Care
Wellness Care

So, what do these mean to you? When new patients come to our office, we ask what their health objectives are. Often, the answer is to help them get rid of a health problem that they have and do not want. Assuming the problem is either acute or chronic, but not permanent, we can often help turn the direction of a person’s health around during the Initial Intensive Care phase. This is the treatment phase of care, although that is an over-simplification.

When the outward signs of the problem are being addressed, the obvious question is, “would you be willing to take the additional steps necessary to correct your health so that the cause of the problem that made you consult us would be able to heal?” Almost everyone understands the value of this step and they move into the Corrective Care phase.

Almost always, patients who work towards correction in order to heal the cause of the problem, find that their overall health also improves and they want to maintain it and continue to increase their overall health. More often than not, if we make the analogy of a gym, what would you need to do to continue to lose weight after you have lost some weight? The answer: keep doing everything that you did to accomplish your objective in order to prevent the problem from returning. This is the Wellness Care phase. Wellness Care is a reduced frequency of visits than Initial Intensive Care or Corrective Care. Wellness clients consult with us regularly about which lifestyle strategies could be employed to cause their health to improve year after year.

We look forward to helping you on your journey towards increased Health and Wellness!

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