Jann, Office Manager

I was first introduced to Chiropractic after blowing out a disc in my neck while riding a 380-mile trip on my less-than-comfortable motorcycle.

I tried all the regular avenues of care, including injections in the neck for pain. They were only temporary and the final injection ended up making things worse, with what I thought was permanent numbness in my left hand.

I finally gave into the suggestion of friends that Chiropractic was the way to go. After a series of adjustments, the neck pain is gone…yes GONE! The numbness in my left hand has diminished to just one finger, and as we continue care I am convinced that the remaining numbness will be gone too. In the course of taking care of the neck pain, I noticed that a lot of other symptoms of “old age” were diminishing too. I no longer had the arthritic pain in my hands that I’ve had for years. My hips didn’t hurt when I walked, but the biggest “Ah Ha” was…I was sleeping at night! After many years of interrupted sleep, I now sleep through the night! What a blessing!!!!

Because of this, I have researched and read a ton of material on Chiropractic, our nervous system, and how everything that happens in our bodies is ‘Connected’ through our nerves and nervous system.
I, like most people, always thought Chiropractic was just for neck and back pain. But with reading and research, and my own personal journey of pain, I wanted to find out how chiropractic adjustments work and how it releases nerve interference that prevents the body from healing properly.

My favorite thing to do is visit the Nature & Science Museum when the “Body World” exhibit is in town. What an amazing look at our bodies and how they were created- from the inside out!!!

I have always been interested in health care/medical care and when the opportunity arose to change careers…I jumped at the chance to work in a Chiropractic office. So here I am!!

I have made a commitment to share with everyone about the miracle of chiropractic adjustments, and the connection for lifelong health and wellness for their life.

Join me in taking the BEST STEP in your HEALTH care. You won’t regret it!!!

Heather, Nutritional Consultant

I have been into health and wellness for as long as I can remember. After moving to Denver, I got a job at a natural wellness magazine. This is what started my path into the holistic aspect of health and wellness. Now, I seek out natural ways of doing things and clean eating for my family. The more I learn, the more I love it! Everyday I am in awe at how amazing the human body truly is! If we give the body the proper tools and building blocks, the body can not only heal, but really flourish.

Chiropractic, nutrition, and neurofeedback have made such a difference in my life and are such a big part of it. I want to help others see positive changes in their lives too!