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On a Scale of 1-10, How Important Is Your Health To You? – Part 2

Health Priority Scale:
• Addicted-continuously looks for and adds self-destructive choices.
• Binges-makes occasional destructive lifestyle decisions-is in denial.
• Unconscious-doesn’t know a healthy choice from an unhealthy one.
• Tolerates poor health – “maybe it will go away” – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
• Seeks treatment only when they have a problem.
• Open to prevention of future health problems.
• Makes effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• Consciously works at being healthy-makes healthy choices.
• Occasionally looking for and adding constructive healthy lifestyle changes.
• Continuously looking for and adding constructive healthy lifestyle changes.

If you raise the level of priority that you place on your health, as long as the health problems associated with having lived at the lower priority are not permanent, they should improve.

If you continue to live at that higher level, even after the symptoms associated with the former health condition go away, you are likely to prevent the prior health problem from returning.

If you made the higher level of priority your lifestyle, you could expect that your health would improve to that of the higher priority and you would be able to easily maintain that higher level of health.

If your goal was to have your health improve over your lifetime, you would have to continue to raise the priority you place on your health and adopt that healthier lifestyle.

The question of the day is, “on a scale of 1-10, how important is your family’s health?” The answer is always “10.” As a “10” you and your family would be continuously looking for and adding constructive healthy lifestyle changes which, minimally would include making sure your family has their nervous system checked to insure their best possible health.

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