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It’s Back To School Planning Time

Every year in August or September, parents and kids everywhere begin to prepare to go back to school. And, while those preparations include clothes, books and other supplies, a back to school physical is always in order.

The problem is that most back to school physicals ignore evaluating the most important system in your child’s body. While eyes, ears, nose and throat are examined, what about the body system that controls and coordinates the function of those tissues and organs? Most modern doctors will also take the time to examine a child’s back muscles and bony alignment but still fall short when it comes to the examination of the child’s nervous system.

That’s where we can help. No back to school physical should be considered complete without an examination of the functional integrity of the nervous system. After all, it is your child’s nervous system that regulates his or her senses, immune system, digestion, sleep cycles, attention span and more. During the months of August and September every year, we offer our patients, their family and friends an opportunity to see how their children’s nervous system is doing.

Here’s what our back to school nervous system evaluation includes:

1. Posture examination and report
2. sEMG muscle system evaluation and report
3. Scoliosis testing
4. Autonomic nervous system examination by computer
5. Complete report, consultation and recommendations

Please contact our office at 303-794-1737 to schedule appointments for all your children to get them off to a proper start for back to school.

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