Hello Mountain Phoenix Teachers and staff, my name is Dr. Michael Dody, and I’ve been a chiropractor here in Littleton Colorado for 16 years. My daughters attend Mountain Phoenix and we really love the school community!

The reason I am speaking to you today is that I am donating chiropractic services to the teachers and staff at MPCS. I want you to know a little more about what I do before you get adjusted. I practice a very different style of chiropractic called Koren Specific Technique, or KST for short. KST is a very gentle and specific style of adjusting. Unlike traditional manual adjustments, there is no cracking, popping, twisting or turning. I use an adjusting instrument called an ArthroStim. I have a link on this page to a video of me adjusting a 6-month old so you can see how I adjust, the KST technique, and how gentle it is to the body.

The main reason I wanted to donate my services is because I want all the staff at MPCS to function at their highest level. What does that mean to you? It means that you will have increased mental focus, more flexibility, more energy, a better ability to handle stress, and just enjoy life more. Also, a great side effect is that if you have some pain or symptoms to begin with, it will decrease naturally!

Allow me to tell you a little about how and why chiropractic helps you function better. Teachers are all about education right?!?

First, our bodies are designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. For example, when you get a cut, it heals naturally and when you eat food, your body digests that food and uses all the nutrients automatically.

Second, the system that controls all of the cells, tissues, and organs of the body is the nervous system. That is why it is called the master system. It controls the self-healing and self-regulating aspects of your body.

Third, when we are stressed, it causes interference in the nervous system. This interference is what we refer to as a subluxation or nerve damage. Subluxations are caused by stress, whether it be physical, mental-emotional or chemical stresses. When we find areas of your spine that have subluxations and correct the interference of the nerves in that area, your body becomes more self-healing and self-regulating, causing you to function at a higher level and feel better- the way it should be naturally!

I hope this helps you understand a little more about what I do, and how I can help you. There is one thing I need from you before we can start. There is a link on this page for an online intake form. Could you please fill this out as completely as possible? This information will assist me to better help you.

Thanks again for taking the time to watch this video and I look forward to helping you in any way possible!

Have an amazing day!