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Examples of Nerve System Interference

What should we do to help these skeletons? Should we offer the skeleton on the right glasses? Should we offer the skeleton in the middle a microphone? Should we offer the skeleton on the left a hearing aid? How about medication?

What drugs would you recommend for these skeletons to help them hear, speak and see?

You’re right. These are ridiculous suggestions to fix obvious problems. If they would just remove the interference (in these cases, their hands from their ears, mouth and eyes respectively) everything would be all right.

The same is true for many health problems. You can seek solutions that might temporarily overcome the problem or you can seek to remove the cause of the problem. We focus on finding the cause rather than treating the effect of health problems.

Which makes the most sense to you?

Contact our office today to find out if we can help you remove the cause of your problem.

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