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Common Memory Issues and Natural Remedies to Fix Them

common memory issues and natural remedies to fix them

The human brain’s capacity to remember things is almost limitless. So it’s extra frustrating when we forget. Around 40% of over 65’s experience some form of memory loss or impairment. In the United States alone, that’s over 16 million people. So what are these memory issues, and how can you fix them naturally? Read more to find out exactly what natural remedies work to help memory.

Common Memory Problems

There are many memory problems, from perfectly normal absentmindedness to age-related deterioration such as dementia.  

Memory problems don’t just affect those of us in our later years, either.


Transience is the inability to remember facts or events as time passes. A memory that isn’t recalled or used regularly is most likely to be forgotten. Often you will forget information soon after you learn it.


Absentmindedness can be as much about your attention as it can your memory. If your mind is elsewhere, you can easily forget where you put things, why you’ve gone into a room, or to do tasks at certain times. 


Sometimes our brains block us from retrieving information. Often a similar memory is recalled, and we can’t move past it to find the correct one. For example, has someone ever asked you a question that you know the answer to, but you can’t quite seem to think of it?


Misattribution is remembering something only partially correct. Or thinking that it is an original thought when in fact, you read or saw it somewhere before. 


Our memory is vulnerable to suggestion. Often we can learn or be told something about an event and believe that it is accurate and that we experienced it first hand; even if it never actually happened. 


Personal bias also has an effect on our memories. It can subconsciously change our memory to make our perceptions and experiences more favorable. 


Persistence has the opposite effect, whereby you have a memory that you can’t forget. It is often seen in cases of trauma or depression.

Neurological Disorders

Unfortunately, many neurological disorders can cause memory loss or affect our ability to remember things accurately. These include Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, or stroke. 

Fix Your Memory Issues with These Natural Remedies

The list above may seem alarming, and you might wonder how to fix memory issues. Luckily there are many things we can do naturally to improve our memory. You can do them at any age, and it will be beneficial.


Neurofeedback tracks your brain’s activity and shows you specific frequencies on a monitor. It’s like playing a game or training your brain to improve cognitive performance. 

Studies have shown it helps to improve memory, and it is something we practice at Dody Chiropractic. We combine neurofeedback with gentle chiropractic adjustments and medicine based nutrition.

We even offer a no-cost evaluation with one of our trained doctors. 

Improved Diet

A healthy diet has endless benefits for the body and the mind. Even our memories can be improved with a better diet. 

Less Sugar, Carbs, and Alcohol

Eating less added sugar is well known to be linked to multiple health issues. It’s also proven to increase memory functions and total brain volumes. 

Refined carbohydrates like cakes, cereal, and white bread can also have damaging effects on our memories. Incidentally, these things also contain a lot of added sugar. 

Studies have shown that diets high in refined carbs are linked to dementia and cognitive decline and reduced function. 

Alcohol has neurotoxic effects on our brains. Excessive drinking hurts not only our livers, but it can also damage the hippocampus, a vital part of the brain for memory. 

More Antioxidants and Supplements

Anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. These reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in our bodies. The reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation has also been shown to lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. 

Cocoa also contains lots of antioxidants. Consume it in things like dark chocolate so that you get the most antioxidants and the least sugar from your sweet treat. 

Curcumin is found in turmeric root and is a potent antioxidant. The fantastic thing about curcumin is it can help reduce oxidative damage and inflammation. This magical compound found in turmeric can also reduce the damage to cell and tissue death from amyloid plaques. Memory loss is directly linked to these plaques.

Everyone needs sufficient levels of Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids in their body. Supplements like Vitamin D and fish oils rich in omega-3 have long been known for their health benefits. These health benefits range from reducing the risk of heart disease, relieving stress, and slowing mental decline. 

Omega-3 is thought to be especially useful to older people in memory improvement. 

Lifestyle Changes for Improved Memory

Alongside improving our diet, we can make a host of lifestyle changes to improve our overall health and memory. Most of them are fun and straightforward to fit into our daily routines.

Healthy Weights

By incorporating exercise and a healthy diet outlined above, you can maintain healthy body weight. Excess weight can actually cause changes in the brain, which affect our memory functionality. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Not only do meditation and mindfulness reduce our stress levels, but they are also proven to lower our risk of age-related memory issues. Incorporating techniques and time for mediation into your day can have a considerable impact on your overall wellbeing. 

Sleep and Socialising

Much like most of what we’ve talked about, getting enough sleep has a massive impact on your everyday wellbeing and functionality. Memory can be hugely impacted by sleep deprivation, so don’t stay up too late!

Making time for your friends and laughing can also improve wellbeing and memory. Studies show there are cognitive benefits from enjoying ourselves and staying social. It also reduces stress, which is another factor in memory problems and declining cognitive function. 


Chiropractic has been shown to help the brain function better. How can that be? Well, researchers have proven that movement in your spine directly relates to how your brain processes information.

In other words, if you stuck joints in your spine, which chiropractors deal with daily, your brain can’t work as efficiently. When your brain does process information efficiently, it can show up as a reduction in reaction times, how you see things and make sense of your environment. Brain processing also affects memory loss.


There are many memory issues that people struggle with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to help fix many of the memory issues we have discussed in this article. Natural remedies not only safe but are also very effective in helping out memory.

We’ve covered a lot about what causes memory problems and how to fix memory issues with natural remedies. We would love to help you or a loved one improve their memory. We have several resources on our website, and you can schedule an appointment online to speak with us about your memory or any other concerns. 

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