Top 11 Benefits of Fish Oil

Oct, 09 2018
What Is Fish Oil? Fish oil is derived from the tissues of fatty fish. The best fish oil is sourced from cold-water fatty fish. You can get fish oil from eating fish, but most people do not eat enough fish to get the amount of fish oil they need Read More...

Do Subluxations Affect Your Bones?

Sep, 28 2018
During your chiropractic examination, Dr. Dody is feeling the alignment of the spinal bones as well as the health of the bones. Many times, we find localized areas of bone decay which represents the result of long term neglect of spinal health. Almost always, these areas of spinal and Read More...

Top Blood Tests To Detect Inflammation

Sep, 20 2018
Everyone knows that inflammation is the body’s biological response to pathogens, injury, and other harmful stimuli. It is our body’s way of protecting itself. However, when the inflammation doesn’t go away, it becomes a problem. In general, inflammation is a good thing when it occurs to help us heal Read More...

Is PAIN a good thing or a bad thing?

Sep, 13 2018
A common question we ask practice members is, “if I could give you something that was natural, had no side effects, was inexpensive, you only had to take it once and you would never feel pain again, would you want it?” Almost always, the answer is a resounding, “YES.” Read More...

It’s Back To School Planning Time

Sep, 06 2018
Every year in August or September, parents and kids everywhere begin to prepare to go back to school. And, while those preparations include clothes, books and other supplies, a back to school physical is always in order. The problem is that most back to school physicals ignore evaluating the Read More...
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