Side Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Apr, 23 2019
Everyone understands that drugs have side effects. What many people do not realize is these side effects are often undesirable and sometimes lethal. Drugs all have effects, some predictable and some not…some wanted and some not. What are the side effects of chiropractic? What we hear from many patients Read More...

6 Ways to Help Kids Get Exercise

Apr, 08 2019
Everyone knows exercise is important, but usually when you think of who needs to exercise, you think of adults. However, it is very important for kids to get exercise as well! Kids have lots of energy and they need outlets to release that energy. Think about it- school aged Read More...

The Broken Wrist

Mar, 20 2019
If you fell down and broke your wrist, that would be an event. If we took you to the orthopedist, the doctor would x-ray it, another event. The doctor would set it, an event. A cast would be put on it, another event. Then, you would be sent home Read More...

How to Boost the Lymphatic System and Immunity

Mar, 01 2019
The lymphatic system helps eliminate toxins, waste products, and cancer cells. It does this by moving fluid, called lymph, throughout the body. The lymph moves around in the body collecting toxins, cellular waste, and invaders, and bringing them to the liver and kidneys to be processed out of the Read More...

Natural Immune System Modulators

Feb, 21 2019
Our immune system is our primary defense against pathogens we encounter. It also plays a very important role in controlling inflammatory responses in our body. Using immune boosters regularly can help keep your immune system strong. The immune system boosters that I talk about below are referred to as Read More...
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