Are You Getting Good Sleep?

Oct, 09 2019
Many people suffer from too little sleep or not enough high quality sleep. According to the CDC, one in every three people are not getting enough sleep! Good sleep is really important because it helps maintain your mental, emotional and physical health. Sleeping gives your body time to regenerate Read More...

What is Neurofeedback?

Sep, 17 2019
Neurofeedback is where you directly train your brain function so the brain learns to function more efficiently. It works by looking at the brain from moment to moment in action and awarding the brain for changing its activity to a more appropriate pattern. This is a gradual learning process Read More...

Chiropractic, Neurofeedback and the Brain

Jun, 07 2019
Did you know that your adjustment not only positively affects your spine, but it affects the brain way as well? There is some very cool research proves that after an adjustment the brain function changes for the better. Specifically, the adjustment helps vision, decreases reaction times, alters brain processing, Read More...

Women and Chiropractic

May, 07 2019
So many women suffer from things like PMS, menopausal issues, difficult pregnancies, etc. The question is: do they have to suffer and is there another solution besides taking a pill to mask the symptoms? Common symptoms of PMS include bloating, headaches, backaches, migraine, breast tenderness, cramps, nausea, and weight Read More...

Side Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Apr, 23 2019
Everyone understands that drugs have side effects. What many people do not realize is these side effects are often undesirable and sometimes lethal. Drugs all have effects, some predictable and some not…some wanted and some not. What are the side effects of chiropractic? What we hear from many patients Read More...
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