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We value our patients' experience at Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness, PC. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael Dody
Your Littleton Chiropractor

"I first looked into Dody Chiropractic when I developed lower back pain that within a month had intensified to sharp pain even while sitting as my desk job. I was interested in his method because I had taken a class at my gym that was essentially a work out for your nerves and had wonderful results after each and every class. I had never seen or heard of an arthrostim before, but the concept made sense. On a Wednesday evening I went in for my first visit which included a spine scan and my first arthrostim adjustment. I thought, "this is way too gentle to be effective," but once again the science behind it does make sense so I decided to trust my gut. 

The next day I noticed that I was less congested when I woke up and that the overall tightness had begun to dissipate. I went back for my second adjustment and to review my scan with Dr. Dody. Looking at the scan I saw exactly what I felt and decided that this was an investment I was ready to make to hopefully get my health back on track. I had my second adjustment this night and received a warning from Dr. Dody that I would probably notice some things flare up and could be pretty sore. Once again I thought, "yeah, right," but that was only until Saturday morning...

I woke up feeling like I had been in a car accident. All of the areas that we had seen were in real trouble on the scan throbbed. I was absolutely shocked at how I felt especially since this method is so quick and gentle. However, nothing could have shocked me more than the day after my 3rd visit. In my mid 20's I was diagnosed with TMJ. I have an orthodic that looks like a mouth guard that I have to wear 24/7. Needless to say I hate that thing with a passion, but the pain had gotten so bad that I was dependent on it. I had thought that these two issues were totally separate in light of the extensive amount of work I was having done to correct it, but after my 3rd adjustment the first realization that this method might be the answer hit. 

I have been singing my entire life. I had traveled the world in high school with a competitive choir and then joined a local band here in Denver. However, once my TMJ really set in I noticed my abilities deteriorating. I couldn't open my mouth to talk properly, let alone sing. It began to mess with my inner ear and I couldn't find pitch anymore. I honestly thought that this part of my life was over and I has quietly just begun to accept it. 

One day after my 3rd visit I was driving to work and realized that I was belting out my favorite tunes in the car just like I had done before the TMJ. Overcome with emotion I had to pull over and call my mom who also struggles with TMJ and tell her the news. The popping and clicking is essentially gone and I can eat on both sides of my mouth. I have regained hearing in my left ear and am able to find and keep pitch. I am truly shocked that I may not have to spend my late 20's early 30's wearing adult braces AND my lovely mouth brace. I am astonished with how I feel and can't wait to see what else is to come. 

I am so thankful that I have found this team. They are so caring and friendly, which is just the icing on top. This is one of the best investments that I have made and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to find this office and hopefully help others find their road to recovery."


"When I first started going to Dr. Dody around 5 years ago, I had more issues than tissues. Both bottoms of my feet hurt, been told for years it was just planter fasciitis in the right foot, but that should go away after awhile, not so much. This pain caused the left foot to compensate for the right, in which the pain developed there, which, was aggravated more by getting shingles on the bottom of the left foot. I did not know which foot to walk on, being a teacher and being on my feet all day only made matters worse, much worse.

These issues were then compounded by both hips compensating for the way I was walking to develop pain of their own. So the bottom half of my body was a total mess when I first went to Dr. Dody. With the physical adjustments that he did at that time, I was given some relief, but it was short lived and I would have to be in his office quite a bit.

Once he started doing the KST Treatments I was noticing that my visits weren’t so commanding. As of today, I can honestly say that I am pain free in the lower part of my body, unless I am stupid and overdo an activity, but that is only because I don’t have that initial pain that kept me so sedentary. I am now able to do so much more and exercise is now a staple in my lifestyle.

Thank you Dr. Dody, and thanks to Mary for all the pep talks."

-Bonnie M.

"Beginning in 1998, I was seeing a chiropractor because of extreme sciatic and back pain.  I was treated with manipulation (often aggressive), sound waves, heat, and traction.  This treatment was effective in reducing my  pain and I began seeing the chiropractor regularly, between two and four times a month for about an hour each visit. 

I moved from Florida to Colorado in 2006 and began seeing a traditional chiropractor shortly after I moved.  When that chiropractor went out of business, I was referred to Dr. Michael Dody.  I was immediately impressed with the family-like atmosphere in Dr. Dody’s office and with the caring way I was treated. 

Soon after I began treatment with Dr. Dody, he changed from a traditional method of treatment to KST.  I didn’t understand how such a seemingly simple method could be effective, but by that time I had learned that I could trust Dr. Dody’s judgement.  I decided that if I could receive the same benefits from this new treatment as I had from the traditional treatment, it would be well worth it.  The treatment did not involve time-consuming, sometimes painful, manipulation.  My adjustment could be accomplished in less than 10 minutes and I had the additional benefit of time in a massage chair.  And the treatment was effective.  I have continued to see Dr. Dody at least weekly and sometimes more often, as needed, in order to remain “connected”.  

Dr. Dody believes in a total wellness lifestyle which is maintained through healthy diet and exercise together with regular preventative KST treatments that keep the whole body in a healthful state.  I don’t understand HOW Dr. Dody’s method works.  I only understand that it DOES work and I can recommend Dr. Dody very highly. "

-Ann H.

"I have been a Chiropractic patient for 50 years.  I first went to a chiropractor after my third child was born.  I had suffered from migraine headaches since I was 14 years old.  I fell down a flight of stairs.  At that time chiropractic treatments were not well regarded by the medical community. I was a nurses aid in a hospital and the doctors could not help me, so I suffered on.  I finally met a Doctor of Chiropractic and went to his office.  He explained that a nerve in my neck was severely pinched and he adjusted me, oh what an amazing feeling!  No pain or shots and I felt wonderful with no pain.  I needed to find a new chiropractor here in Littelton and that is when I met Dr. Dody and his staff.  The philosophy here at Dody Chiropractic is wonderful and matches many of the beliefs I personally teach and use.  Dr. Dody is very gentle with his adjustments but I notice the same amazing results from his adjustments as I do from manual adjustments.  In the last 20 years I have been a spiritual teacher and healer.  I am sure Chiropractic will always be my choice of healing.  I suggest you try it."

-Joanne F.

"I had know for a long time that my neck was just not quite right.  There was a strained feeling on both sides of my neck in the muscles, and on the right, a specific spot that was most uncomfortable.  When I laid on the floor, it felt bad in my head, above my neck.  About a year ago that uncomfortable feeling in the back of my head became more frequent and it began keeping me awake after I went to bed.  One day a massage therapist pointed out that I was losing full range of motion in my neck, a thought that had not occurred to me.  I remembered my aunt, some years back.  I had hosted a family get together at my house and my aunt had driven across town to come.  As she was leaving, she questioned my uncle as to the turn lanes of traffic where she needed to be in order to get on the highway.  You see, she couldn't turn her head enough to see if there were cars coming in a different land from behind.  Fearing that, over time, this would be my fate, I resolved to seek treatment.

I knew that chiropractic was the type of care I needed because I had listened to chiropractors that I had worked with and because Mary Dody,  mother and office manager for Dr. Michael Dody, was a member of the leads organization that I belonged to.  Her descriptions of different conditions that were helped by chiropractic fit me to a tee.  But I had heard many stories that made me doubt the legitimacy of chiropractic care. Almost immediately after a couple of treatments, the discomfort in my head went away.  Then I noticed that I was standing taller.  The curvature in my back was less noticeable and it felt good to be straighter.  The muscle spasms that had made me feel so tired each evening disappeared.  Next, I noticed that the persistent spot on the right side of my spine stopped bothering me.  Eventually, late in my treatment, the pulling feelings on both sides of my neck lessened, and then disappeared.  

I am now four months into treatment with weekly visits.  My neck isn't exactly like the neck of a rubber chicken, but it is 100% better.  I'm very grateful that I sought treatment as it has made a big difference in the way that I feel from day to day and I am looking forward to keeping my neck more limber and free from pain."

-Carol M.

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